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Interpunct Traducciones Técnicas

02 Technical translations

At Interpunct we provide technical translations of catalogues and manuals for companies in different sectors: construction, medicine, engineering, architecture, textiles... always by the hands of professionals with expertise in the sector and its terminology.

For those seeking to expand their market abroad, we offer the translation of websites and other marketing tools that adapt to the idiosyncrasy and culture of the target language, making the different strategies work in each of the different countries.

We specialise in technical translations of advertising and products, industrial machines and equipment (tractors, cranes, industrial robots, chainsaws, digital printers, etc.).


This service includes:


  • Translation of catalogues.

  • Translation of service manuals.

  • Translation of user manuals.

  • Translation of help manuals.

  • Translation of complementary documentation.

  • Software localization: we translate the software of the machines taking into account the cultural context, functional and even technical aspects to ensure their success in the new market. In this field we translate user interfaces, user manuals, tutorials, etc. using the most advanced localization tools on the market

Interpunct Translations

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